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Mother is controlling, yells at me if I don't stay overnight on Saturday. - Psychology Questions

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My mother is very controlling.  I live in PA which is about 45 minutes from her home in NJ.  Sometimes I stay overnight, but the last 3 weeks I went down to see her on Sunday, and I didn't stay on Sat. night.  She was in the hospital with an infection.She was released last tuesday.  No one stayed overnight with her Tues. Wed. Thurs or Friday night.  My sister brought her dinner over on Friday.  I went over this past Sunday and brought her lunch.  She yelled at me for not staying over on Sat. I had company on Sat. and had plans from a month ago.  She went on to say how sick she was and that I care more about feeding the horses than I care about her (I volunteer at a equine rescue Sat. from 4-6 pm feeding). She told me I was selfish, and my poor sister is running around doing everything. (my sister is a nurse).  I work full time also, I don't have any children but I do have a life.  She has been doing this to me forever.  I told her how I felt and that she wasn't fair and she just went on and on about me not staying over.  I want to move further away, because I can't take her anymore.  She used to do this to my Dad too, he is deceased since 2005, so  I guess I'm next in line to be abused.

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