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i just have this prof that i just can't get out of my head(i don't think of him in a physical way but he's always on my mind) most of my friends said that it's obvious that he has feelings for me. i think so too butt i'm not sure and i honestly don't care because i saw him flirt with others... anyway when i'm talking to this guy i feel empty on the inside(i just can't feel anything at all) and i'm totally Professional with him... but once the course is over i just can't get him out of my mind and i'm a very busy person.It's true that we have so much in common even though he's no oil painting.we have a very special connection and he's aware of that and i really admire him,his ideas... but i think he's so immature at the same time o.O.can anybody tell me why do i feel this way?is it possible that i'm attracted to him or sth????(btw i don't intend to act on it cuz i know these stuff always end up badly.i'm just curious and wanna get him out of my mind once and for all)

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