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why would a 38 yr old man seduce a 16 yr old girl?

What does it mean when a 38 yr old man seduces a 16 yr old girl?

asked Sep 23, 2011 in Abnormal Psychology by anonymous

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9 Answers

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so if a 38 yr old man sleeps with your 16 yr old daughter, your ok with that?  REALLY?

16 is immature and irresponsible, hence they still live with mom and dad and are still in high school and encouraged not to have sex or children because they are not fully capable of raising them yet. You know, child mom.  38 is supposed to be a man, mature and is definately more powerful than a 16 yr old girl.  Seduce, yes  grown men can often manipulate young girls sexually, do you read the papers?

If a 38 yr old man seduced my 16 yr old daughter, he had better watch out!

You are a quack.  Grown men should stay away from childen, period.  Just because it is growing boobies and has a period does not mean you should have sex with it.  How bout we all just act out our thoughts.  Wouldn't it be a wonderful world.  Quack.  If you were my therapist and promoted sexual immorality.  I would seek help from someone else.  So exactly where would you draw the line as to preferring younger women, 15? 14? 13? 12? 11? 10? 9?  So at 14 it is child pornography to look at pictures of someone naked, so what magically happens between the ages of 14 and 16 that all of a sudden she is a woman and not a girl?  I mean they are the same boobies as on the 16 yr old right?  Periods can start as early as 9 so does that make her a woman because she can get preganant at 9?  Or is it the drivers license? is that how we judge a woman?
answered Sep 23, 2011 by anonymous
Sexual attraction is highly controversial topic. For one many people will not accept that homosexuals are born gay. Even if that is possible, people will question the validity of bisexuality. Sexuality ranges from liking children to animals, and it's very hard to alter it. Sexuality is most likely genetic and enviornmental (nature AND nuture-like most things).

Everyone's taste is different - some like older, some like younger; some like dark hair, some like blonde; some like hispanics and some whites. We should not hold judgement on anyone's likes, interests, tastes, or desires as they are usually a result from many contributing factors. But if they act upon them, they need help not to be punished. That's the equivalent of punishing someone who eats candy who really loves sugar. Luckily we don't live in a society where sugar is unethical or immoral (not that ethics and morals are accurate or even useful).

This 38-year old male is just interested in younger females.

The question, "Why would a 38 yr old MAN SEDUCE a 16 yr old GIRL." These words are very emotionally charged. Man makes him sound mature and powerful, seducing makes him sound like a magician that can manipulate females somwehow, and girl makes her seem immature and irresponsible.
answered Sep 23, 2011 by anonymous
Anonymous, you call me a quack and then ramble on how I think men should date 9 year olds or even that I suggested that a 38 year old should date a 16 year old.

You've assumed more than you should have, and I can see you're very closed-minded and know little of psychology and philosophy.

This was a question of WHY and not SHOULD. So, sorry YOU misinterpreted my accurate answer. And I see you fell right into the logical fallacy of the emotionally charged connotations of the words, so much so, you could not answer a hypothetical question.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
edited Sep 24, 2011

(not that ethics or morals are accurate or even useful)

"The question, "why would a 38 yr old man seduce a 16 yr old girl?"  These words are very  emotionally charged.  Man makes him sound mature and powerful, seducing makes him sound like a magician that can manipulate females somehow, and girl makes her seem immature and irresponsible."

"This 38 yr old male is just interested in younger females."


How was this mis interpreted?

The words "Jus interestedt"  implies, simply interested.  Almost as if there is a shoulder shrug in there. Or "oh-well". Such is life.

OK, what would you call a 38 yr old male?

Whay would you call a 16 yr old female?

And what would you call it when a 38 yr old male has sex with a 16 yr  old female?

Keep in mind that the brain does not stop developing until the early twenties.  Therefore, as society shows, many young people are not capable of good decisions or oppropriate actions.  Binge drinking, drugs, sexual promesquity and experimentaion, that came comes back to haunt them in the future.  "Girls gone wild".

In this world today, it is the adults (38 yr old) job to advise and protect the children (16 yr old). 

The answer you gave, "This 38 yr old male is just interested in younger females"  is weak.

answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
As I said you know little of philosophy. I know what I said, and it's not what you are accusing me of. I answered the answer of WHY not SHOULD.

I would LOVE for you to define right and wrong. If you can make a solid argument then you have beat all the greatest minds in history who are scientists, philosophers, and geniuses.

A few hundred years ago it was not unlikely parents would let their 13 year old girl marry a 38 year old, and it was RIGHT meaning socially accepted at that time. It is possible, and at some time period people found it acceptable. In today's society it usually isn't. I was arguing WHY he would do this, because it's POSSIBLE. So you twisted my words.
lots of girls get crushes on their friends dads.  It is the real men who do not ack on that and discourage it and avoid it.  It is the deviant that takes advantage of it.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
how i known she have feling with me
Why an adult would seek to seduce a younger woman?  My answer is immaturity.  Sexual behavior is a combination of physical attraction and emotional attraction.  Some people are unable to separate the two and people can stop developing in either one.  Some people become fixated at a certain focus of attraction.  Some people are fixated on people at a certain physical stage of development, leading to pedophilia and attraction to adolescence.  Some have an emotional attachment and can only fall in love with people they become dependent on, for example, or that they can control (another example).

Unfortunately, when you consider these factors, an older male might wonder why not seduce a younger female.  My answer has always been that a true relationship involves more than sex and romatic emotion.  It involves a true relationship.  In somehat younger days, I had the opportunity to be out with younger woman and I found that I could not relate to them.  Their concept of history and life was foreign to me.  To someone only interested in sex or power, that would not be a concern.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
I think that the troubling thing is the recent attempts for these types of behaviors to be classified as a mental disorder.   To me this would be a slippery slope in that if we begin to recognize these types of attractions as a disorder there is a danger that they become socially more acceptable.  This would in my view be tragic.  We should never see these types of behaviors as socially acceptable.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
Thank you.  These are much better answers, much stronger and better explaninations.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by anonymous
EVERYONE in this situation needs help. Immediately. Professional. No if and or buts about it.  Do not read negative comments and dwell on them. JUST SEEK HELP!!! and yes its an EMERGENCY.
answered May 23, 2014 by Jesus does love you even if you dont lov