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Am I a sociopath? - Psychology Questions

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Hiya ok I'd like to explain the situation (if you can call it that) well Ever since I was very young I've had problems, never getting out of hand, but just problems dealing with people not a fear just feeling a bit out of the loop even though I'm there. I can't say 'popular' because I've never been though I am surrounded by a group of friends. But once every couple of years I say something completly bizzare which they take offense to such as "you're like a moskito humming in my ear every second you just need to shut up" or "Idk I heard if you can't do that you're fat" I don't really think about it at the time and supposingly they're quite rude. I'm getting 'over' depression with meds but I don't really feel sad I just lied to my counselor for the sake of it I do this very frequently not to show off but to aee who I can trick I don't think I've ever been caught out lying right now if you asked everyone I know about my partner or past relationships they would ALL have different things to say. One that I'm in a abusive and another I've never even had a boyfriend another I'm looking forward to a date tonight etc. I lie constantly about everything like being scared of cockroaches I'm not but it's one of my back ups for when someone asks me about my fears aswell as death hieghts etc tbh I'm not afraid pf anything or anxious or do I ever get stressed. Ever.This is all linked in with my lying which I dont feel guilty about really i dont feel guilty about anything. Now the reason I'm saying this is because of something I read in an article no that was a lie!! I actually just found one of those annoying pop ups and it was about sociopaths anyhow I schofed at the thought I would be one but once I read the main signs or symptoms all of them related perfectly to me. Here are the other points I've researched: ·manipulative ·lack of empathy -for example one of my friends recently lost her mum I didn't really understand what to say I mean I know you're meant to say hat they are in a better place etc etc I said that but honestly I don't care ·eye contact - During a conversation I have been told many times that I stare very intenstly 'aggresivly' as if I'm sick of the person I'm talking to (obviously as soon as I was told this I learnt from it and stopped with brief flutters of my eye lids) ·charm - now that is another story I can charm people and appear very friendly bubbly etc ·'up them self' - I suppose reading this I am but if you knew me in real life I appear very selfless hardly ever always putting other before myself which is not really true I mean I do stuff for other people but really I couldn't care less I'm lazy and there'a no point living for someone else ·I was abused verbally and physically as a child I've had dreams about killing anyone that been constantly around me for two years or more (immediate family or other I live with) -I nearly strangled my only older sister when I was 12 and she was 15 she was much bigger stronger and taller than me but I got angry and when I get angry I can't really controll myself I remember yelling at her "I will fu'king kill you" I probably would of except for the fact she kept yelling and screaming which attracted nieghbours so I let go ·criminal activity -eh not that much except when I found out what stealing was I stole food small trinkets etc but I have enough money anyway ·blaming -I'm a sucker for the blame game do it all the time getting out of anything somehow with only pissing off the person I blame it on ·failure to learn from negative consequences - very much me ·risk taking - I do take big risks at just 15 right now I wag quite alot occasionally hanging out with the wrong types of people but don't get me wrong the students and teachers all think I'm funny charming relax hardworker etc etc which I'm not I don't study even though I passing all my tests at a very high level I have to say that I study because otherwise I get some envy from friends Concluding this I just wanted to ask if there could be a chance I'm a sociopath? I mean it's all very odd to me but the signs of sociopaths all sound just like me but I conceal it i dont know why I just dont want to be blunt to people because then they wont like me. C:

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This website is no longer about Psychology, since it is once again, only devoted to spams!


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