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why do people know they're doing something wrong yet they still continue to do it - Psychology Questions

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Say a person knows they're acting a certain way and they don't want to be like that, but they continue to do what makes them that way.

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2 Answers


I am asking you one question "who tells you this is wrong". Is it your feeling or some groups some religion tells this is wrong.

Ofcourse this is told by some one else , it is not "your" guts feelings.

a child whose age is about 6 to 7 he do not eat chilly ,he do not punch on the wall,why becouse it is his own guts feelings, this is wrong. So stop thinking wrong or right only think is it your feelings of not.


People are creatures of habit and they ususally choose to do what is easiest for them. A lot has to do with how they see themselves and how they have allowed society to teach them about human behaviors. Many deep down actually keep doing things wrong because what is right will require them to change and they have not discovered who they are and what truth is. So they keep going through life blinded and repeating bad choices and many even become addicted to misery.To break a bad habit you have to first be broken from your self.