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In unknown place, the first street sign I found had my name on it, How? - Psychology Questions

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How could i have run away and ended... lost in a city I'd never been in and walk up to the one sign with my rare name on it?
I had been searching for chiropractic help so I went to Dr. Bone in Phlugerville, Texas. He insisted that I see his partner, "The Chiropractor of all Chiropractors in Texas."  This made me nervous considering the treatment I'd had so far and the Network Chiropractic assault in Louisiana. I was driving to Phlugerville for the appointment and thought of the staff and even imagined them in the sky as I drove to the appointment.  I was feeling an energetic feeling in my forehead and stopped at a telephone and called to cancel the appointment stating that there is too much energy. I thought that was a strange thing to say but they just said, o.k.  I drove back that night to Phlugerville to see if, by concentrating on the energy, whether it would increase and I'd be able to located the doctor's residence.  That was a long shot and so I eventually stopped a block off the main highway where I found a spot where I thought perhaps the energy felt greater and fell asleep in the back seat of my girlfriend's Prelude.  I woke up an hour and a half later by flashing lights behind the car.  I was asked what I was doing and I told them I'd gotten tired and decided to sleep. I’d never slept in my car before and really did not understand how I could be in trouble, sleeping in my car on a public road. They insisted for more information so I told them I had been feeling an energy feeling in my forehead.  Perhaps it was coming from the house 200 yards away.  They told me there was someone that they wanted me to see and dropped me off at the police station. There was a collection of bongs in a showcase, with an officer behind a desk.  It was just me and another cop for about five minutes waiting for presumably a psych, so I decided to run out of the office.  I ran toward what I thought was East through a field and finally to a residential area.  I may have run a mile or so.  I climbed over a fence and slept in a long shed along the side of a property behind a house.  In the morning I noticed two large birds in a cage. It seemed one looked at me with big eyes, like my Dad's and I thought that the bird was advising me not to leave.  I left anyway. Went down to the corner to find out what street I was on.  The street sign had my name on it. The street was only a block long.  The first street sign said Darby Ln., the other Darbie Ln.

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