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Finds weakness in others, doesn't compliment or praise others for accomplishments or strengths, retaliates against percieved wrongs, resentfull, never forgets or forgives those who they perceive wronged them, charater assasinates adversaries, recruits friends and family by falsifying the truth to hide their own negative behavior, cuts people off whom they cannot control, smiles outworthy while anger rages inside them, speaks kindly though anger fuels their passive aggressive behavior towards others, opposes differing opinions,  lacks understanding of indivisualality, use's silent treatment to retaliate, cuts off comunication of themselves and children to inflict pain, rages against those who call them out, uses pitiful misrepresentation of having been mistreated by those whom they have victomized, hides own inferority behind big house, big car, and possesessions, makes friends fast, loses them faster, keeps master list of   expectations of other's, controls through anger and punishment if threatened. ( Forgive spelling....... : > )

Please someone help me understand this type of personality, it's been so hard to deal with, does anyone know what type I'm dealing with here?.......Thanks so much!

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