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Is it okay to let a 2 year old walk around naked all day? - Psychology Questions

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My daughter feels it is perfectly fine to let her 2 years old, almost toilet trained, to walk around the house, totally naked.

For some reasons I feel it is wrong but I don't know exactly why. It is just a feeling.

I would love a psychologyt's opinion.

Thank you for helping.


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2 Answers

I think it is just fine to let a 2 year old walk around naked.  I was going shirtless in the summer months until I was around 6.  Playing with the kids from the neighborhood, (boys included).  Until my mother told me that I was too old to be doing it.  Until that moment, I felt no aprehensions about it.  Children are very impressionable and learn from others what is good and bad.  If you make a big deal about it, she may feel funny or inhibited later in life.  This can include being naked in front of a spouse, or getting undressed in front of others say in school in gym class.  She may even decide to quit doing it on her own.
I think that its totally fine for a kid that age to run around naked. Its so hot where I live in the summer that I let my boys run around in just a diaper all day. I think that until she maybe starts noticing her body more than it should be fine.
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