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Is it harmful for a 16-year boy to consistently overhear his mother having sex with boyfriends? - Psychology Questions

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3 Answers

Yes. It can create a resentment toward women because his Mother is so trashy and promiscuos. It can give him a warped attitude towards sex in general and cause him to see it as just an act one does or he can become vengeful toward men who only want women for sex like the ones he feels abused his Mother (whether or not consentual). He has to try and figure out how he feels about in his own mind and there is where the confusion will create huge problems for him.
Yes because it doesnt gives him and unrealistic look on relationships.
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The mother should sit down with the son and understand how he feels, the mother can watch for lying based on eye contact, stuttering, etc. the mother should explain to the son why she does what she does and make sure her son understands a more common perspective on relaishionships