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How do I understand my ex-boyfriend and work on moving forward from the past? - Psychology Questions

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My ex-boyfriend left me while I was going through losing my mother to death. I pushed him away but had been doing so over a period of our relationship due to insecurities and jealousy of my own. He was always doing for me in so many ways and finally go to his breakin point that made him leave me. We are now 6 months into the break up and know we want to work on things but we both have things we can't move past and I want to. How do we move forward and not be so stubborn? He has issues of abandonement from childhood as well as myself but I know what I want and feel the same from him. He just feels like if he gives me his all again he will be hurt.  He is now very angry at the fact that I've had other men in my life since the break up and cannot forgive me. Should I just leave him alone??

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1 Answer

Yes leave him alone. Time is the secret ingridient to everything and since it was admittingly you that did the pushing away and it was you that had other men he has every right to be set free and find out a new direction. If time proves out that he feels he still has feelings for you and is willing to forgive then it may still be possible. But since i do not know how he feels and how deep he is hurt i can't say for sure, So give time some time to work and give him space to process everything and meanwhile IF you still want him lay off those "other men" or it is definatley over.