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I need help identifying Classical Conditioning? - Psychology Questions

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I need help me identify UCS, UCR, CS,& CR in the following Classical Conditioning scenarios? 

1. A very bright (mildly painful) light is turned on a rat.The rat has learned that he can turn off the light by pressing a lever on the other side of his cage. As soon as the light comes on, the rat runs across the room and presses the lever. 

2. Captain Hook had a nasty encounter with a crocodile in Never-Never Land. As a result of the battle, he lost his hand to the croc, which also swallowed an alarm clock. Fortunately for Hook, the loud ticking warned him of the hungry croc’s approach. Unfortunately for Hook, any clock’s ticking now ushers in a full-blown anxiety attack. 

3. Robert had a serious car accident while Mozart was playing on his stereo. Now, every time Robert hears a Mozart song, he feels frightened and panicked. 

4. A common side effect of chemotherapy is extreme nausea. A cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy eats strawberry ice cream. Later she finds the thought of strawberry ice cream makes her sick. 

5. Every time someone flushes a toilet in the apartment building, the shower becomes very hot and causes Janis to jump back. Over time, Janis begins to jump back automatically after hearing the flush, before the water temperature changes.

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