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Every since elementary school I've had nightmares of classmates and others dieing but thats not what freaked me out it was I was the one killing them and this happened and replayed every night even during the day but I was never alone in the nightmares there was a person there with me and she would always say that I was doing the right thing and that it was normal to hurt people I finally stopped listening in 3rd grade but she kept on talking and over time it got worse at school I would sometimes black out but in a sense that I just wasnt present and during that time she would hurt people and I couldnt do anything I just watched and listened the most recent thing that has happened is I blacked out and I was beating a tetherball for what I estimate was about an hour and through that whole time she just kept screaming at me not to stop by the time I stopped my right arm was swollen and bruises lined both my arms I dont know what to do im afriad she might hurt someone and its gone on so long I just want an answer to why shes there.

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