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Hypnosis for improving low confidence and self-esteem? - Psychology Questions

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I am an 18 year old guy and I have been dealing with personal my whole life since I was picked on in elementary school and left out in middle school. Now I just want to be very social, get a girlfriend, and especially feel good about myself so I can be mentally well prepared for college next year.

I have searched the web for years now on how to fix my self esteem and confidence but nothing seems to work. I recently came across hypnosis and gave it a try but I am still a little confused about how it works.

Which hypnosis guide is best?

How much time should I do it everyday? (I am a busy guy with not much time in the morning and night to spend)

How long does it take most people to see results?

Is this actually one of the better ways to fix confidence and self esteem issues?

Would meditation be a better option?

Should I stick to one hypnosis track or mix it up?

As you can tell I have many questions about this.

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