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How do I help a hoarder begin to clean out and get rid of stuff, mostly new items - Psychology Questions

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My friend from high school I've recently reconnected with is a single Dad and has a 4 yr old daughter. We went on several outings together before I visited thier home. I figured out quickly why he had postponed having me over. Many things he has organized and stored in the attic such as Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations. But then there are multiples of large and small appliances (new) filling garage, kitchen and basement. He buys clothes for both he and his daughter for the future, he has closets full of the next few sizes of clothes and shoes for the 4 yr old.

How do I help? I've already helped clean and straighten living area but he is hesitant or I should say resistant to taking anything out, he just wants to move more in. His main excuse is that he doesn't have time and that he needs all the tools and stuff, he's going to use it all.

Any advice?

Maybe I need my head examined?

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